SprayGreen is proven to prevent most of the pests that create havoc on our environment and on your lawn. It’s powerful enough to prevent even the toughest insects, such as roaches, ants, fleas, ticks, snails and slugs, earwigs, spiders, grubs, millipedes and centipedes, and many others.

Our unique liquid formula will never burn lawns or plants. It improves water retention in the soil, and slows down evaporation, which makes your landscape more drought resistant. It doesn’t promote excessive grass growth in the springtime, but provides the necessary nutrients to promote the development of deep, strong roots, and creates winter hardiness.

Many lawns suffer from diseases which can be prevented when cared for with our liquid formula. Fungus is a major problem for many homeowners, and is often difficult to deal with. Fungus is usually caused by too much water and not enough nutrients. Lawns cared for with Spray Green contain the appropriate amount of nutrients, require less water, and therefore are less susceptible to fungus.

Spray Green enhances the growth of all types of plant materials. It also has a dethatching agent to help reduce thatch buildup. When used on vegetables it increases their size by 18% to 30%.



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This picture was taken right after the lawn was sprayed. You can see how SprayGreen starts working immediately. SprayGreen works miracles with damaged and unkempt grass and makes your lawn flourish and look healthier after just one spray!

It also works great on new lawns. Despite of the condition of your lawn, SprayGreen will bring your lawn’s color and health to it’s fullest potential


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This is a picture that was submitted to us by a satisfied customer. First time customers always become regular customers, simply because our juice makes everything look great… from your lawn, flowers, bushes, fruits, vegetables, etc.