SprayGreen is specially formulated to improve root growth in grass. This results in a deeper, denser root structure that draws moisture and nutrients from the soil more efficiently. The result is a lawn that grows thicker and greener, without growing “up” any faster and needing to be cut more often. A SprayGreen lawn holds moisture better, and requires less frequent watering. It increases the health and vitality of the grass from the roots up, for a better conditioned, drought and disease resistant lawn.

Other fertilizers simply spur grass growth and result in a lawn that “greens up” and needs to be mowed more often, but in which the individual grass plants are no stronger or healthier. The plant isn’t capable of supporting the sudden increase in size, and will require frequent and repeated applications to maintain its color. They’re formulated for quick results, but don’t focus on strengthening the roots themselves.

Perhaps most impressive is that SprayGreen won’t burn lawns, because it doesn’t contain the harsh chemicals that, in excess, will actually kill your lawn. With SprayGreen, you never need to worry about ugly yellow spots or streaks of dead grass that was killed by over applying the fertilizer!

Roses and Flowers

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Plants given with SprayGreen have been scientifically shown to produce larger flowers, and to yield more flowers over a longer season than other fertilizers. Because SprayGreen builds the root of the plant, your roses and flower beds will extract more nutrients from the soil, allowing them to bloom larger and longer.

Since SprayGreen is formulated to contain the nutrients that every plant needs, it is equally safe and effective for lawns and flowers of every kind. No longer do you need to worry about buying and applying specialized fertilizers for each variety of flower in your garden, or remembering when each needs to be treated! A simple, fast application of SprayGreen is all that’s needed!

Stronger roots mean stronger plants, and stronger plants are more naturally resistant to disease, fungus, and pests. SprayGreen’s built-in, wholesome pest control component protects your plants from insects without harming the environment, your pets, or you. There is little or no need for additional pesticides, saving you money, and keeping your yard a safer place, free of harmful, dangerous chemicals.

Herbs, Fruits, and Vegetables

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SprayGreen has been scientifically proven to increase the size and output of citrus trees, fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Studies saw increases ranging from 18% to over 35%. What’s perhaps more important to you and your family is that SprayGreen accomplishes this without harsh, poisonous chemicals that might leave dangerous residues on your food. You can be confident that your fruit is safe to eat straight from the garden!

Plants treated with SprayGreen not only produce more, larger fruit, their season is extended. You’ll be surprised to see your fruits and vegetables producing earlier in the season, and continuing to reward you long after you’d expect their output to stop!

Trees and Shrubs

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Your trees and shrubs will also benefit from SprayGreen’s patented pesticide-free formula. Your trees will grow stronger, develop deeper roots, trunks, and branches, and thicker foliage. You’ll be rewarded with more shade in the spring and summer, and less danger from fallen trees and branches during storms.

Shrubs will grow thicker and healthier across your property. Ornamentals and hedges will produce a fuller structure, resulting in better looking borders and garden sculptures. And because SprayGreen strengthens the plant from the roots up, you can be guaranteed that your shrubs will last for many, many seasons to come, without outgrowing their support system.